Self Discovery

We speak this much…judge this much.. but… but… but … 😀 , when it comes to speaking about ourselves , don’t we stammer? Do we have a quick answer? Do we actually know ourselves properly? 🙂 You might be an amazing person around, achieved these many things in life.. but when it comes to yourself, have you even given time for yourself to know who you are?

We often come across this common question in any of the job interviews…asked to us… where in, you are asked to speak about yourself. Haven’t we practiced our answers? 😀

Few of us have… few of us haven’t. Forget interview… it’s for yourself to know yourself more better.

How does it help? Self observation always helps, as it is only then,you realize your strengths, weaknessess, your happiness, your habits, your liking… bla..bla…bla. Each one of us are so busy in day today life setting up goals . But where we stand today is something that we dont even give a thought, so as to improve ourselves to reach out there where we wish to be.

I feel, this is one simple way again … to be more sorted , from within , and gaining this kind of a clarity is the much needed thing as we all live  in a fast moving city life! Take very few minutes in a day … to observe yourself… coz once its a routine to you.. it will help you to be more strong, more peaceful, more appropriative towards situations , overall  isn’t it a plus? over a period of time? i guess so! 😀

To be more precise, know yourself better, before anybody judges you… so as to  who you are , NOT TO GET shattered with comments, judgements around you, “BE YOU” !!For you are “GOD’S VERY OWN MASTERPIECE” !




Too much !!

Too much stressed …too relaxed…too happy …too very exhausted…too merryful.. or too depressed… too selfish..or too contented . Yes, its our state of mind today. Isn’t it? WE all …all of us sail on the same boat i guess . But why? I dont know. All of these emotions have become so momentary that we are at times, confused, understanding ourselves.

We all have soo much of everything , that we reach this kind of a mindset where we tend to forget to balance our mind. Too much salt in any food is not good either for taste or for health..likewise too much of anything, be it “thoughts”in our mind is also not so good. Not desired at all.

We call our kids hyper. We name this generation to be hyper. But, what are we? From where is it coming for them or from where are they learning? Its from us only, obviously. The way we react is the first thing they notice:D ..isn’t it ?

A’rent we doing too much of all these ? Really wonder the satisfaction we all are getting out of all these..:D . Arent we ageing too fast t leading this kind of an imbalanced routine?

All in our minds…in our thoughts .. the way we live, is a reflection of who we are !!

So, let’s balance our mind …our thoughts …within ourselves to be the “better WE” .


Conviction !!

Conviction ! A very strong word indeed. And the mind requires to be lots more stronger , to reach this level of a decision making.

We come across in life, so many failures, so many successful people all around us.. Few whom we know, lots who are unknown to us. But who has labelled them as being successful or a failure? It’s a very obvious thing , right? A person you see is happening , be it in his career and personal life…you call him/her or term him as being so successful in life. But, if anything goes wrong or has gone wrong with the same person … in his/her life.. do we still see that person or term him/her to be happening or successful? I don’t think so.

There’s just a small gap between people who have reached where they have aspired to be , to people who are still on their way to reach . It’s no rat race. Its a very personal thing to feel what you want to be, where you want to be.

In the process of reaching out there where you want to see yourself in the next few years.. is where your conviction comes to picture. To be clear in your goals in life is a true blessing , added on to that , when you get convinced within yourself to start your journey towards it, no matter what hindrances come inbetween or you face, is a true challenge in life which personifies the true person you are from within.

Its just this thin gap which people have surpassed and reached their goal for we see them , appreciate them for what they are today . You think it was all easy for them ? No. not at all.

Before, you blame life …being fair to few…being unfair to few.. one has to understand very clearly  as to what you have given back to your life . Yes, that’s the question. If you have wholeheartedly given… with a true conviction.. or has been giving , then you are already there! Or may be you are on your way to reach out there… one hundred percent! Not going to be easy… requires lots of sacrifice.. but all worth.It’s very much possible.

So pull up your own shoes!

It’s time we be firm! We be convinced. We be tough . For nothing can bend us or our goal . Let’s be relaxed..lets chill..for we are in the right track the journey to achieve something that we have always been wanting to. So let’s reach out there…come what may. To be a woman/man of substance.

It’s a beautiful journey then, isn’t it?

Juggling around, or relaxed? !

Preference ! Everything, every single thing in life, is a choice that we make. Be it for ourselves, or for people around us. Right? Be whatever may be the circumstance, its certainly ‘us’ who make a choice. So, take this moment into count, just look back to yourself, are you actually relaxed or juggling around? 😀 . Mentally I mean. Physically u might be on a couch for hours , or even a whole day may be 😀 , but, mentally are you sorted? are you relaxed?

To keep wandering in thoughts is everyone’s favourite time-pass, but in that same thought process can we draw, a kind of a pause, to our own thoughts ? for a change… where in , we can be relaxed, we can be calm, we can be more sorted. Truly, when this much of a natural process is all taken care by Almighty, is there actually anything that we have to achieve right now by thinking this much? 😀 makes sense, right? Is there anything that’s going to change now from your thoughts or has anything changed till now?

Seriously, its our day and hour to be a little selfish …to give our own mind and body some rest …that can work wonders over a period of time. Isn’t it? All up-to us how well we prioritize ourselves and how easily we sort out ourselves mentally . If its a Sunday… enjoy…have fun…anywhere you are …its okay, really , not to think 😀

Now, what can be the outcome of this kind of a mindset? No major change may happen around your surrounding or may happen for good….but..for sure, internally, within yourself, aren’t you more happy ? more full of life…this way? To have carried away your time more happily ….aren’t you happy ?

Entire life… we put this much of an effort in sorting situations, to sort things out with our loved ones… but sorting our own minds, we either step back …or we give a negligence. Isn’t it?

Enough of juggling around …all it requires, is a mindset.. to have a simple no thought time..for a short while at least ! Let’s clean our mind for that ..let’s stop juggling around..let’s stay relaaaxxedd !!!

Create your own sunshine.

Every morning , reminds us of the fact that its us, who’s one in nature, it’s us who has to shine … and that too every single day. Our day’s purpose when we wake up has to be , to shine!! Whatever may be your day is going to be like, however hectic it is aspired to be, how boring it would have meant to be, still,,,, its left to us, to be a “hero” during the day.

Let’s have this ‘heroism’ from within …so as to reflect the same on others . Let’s be kind, let’s be helpful, let’s be compassionate, let’s be loving, let’s  be adorable, let’s be beautiful….soo beautiful from within that we automatically shine from outside. It’s not only about we shining here, but its also, to an extent, bringing about that ‘rainbow of shine’ in people around you, to the situation you are in , to the ambiance you create, its so natural and easy, isn’t it? For this to happen , there’s certainly a “mee” time that’s required each day without fail to gain this kind of a compassion . A compassion where in you like yourself so much, that you don’t depend on others to praise you , to make you feel happy.

A mee time, which knows no worldly things around, which knows no roles to play around ! It’s a much needed thing, as we , all of us indeed are so very tuned in our lives to our roles, this much .So sad…isn’t it.

So let’s uproot ourselves…such is the Ora one can spread . This shine in us is as true as us. So, lets not fade it , lets focus on nurturing it, for its ours.

After all, the reflection is anyways seen . By us, from within …. by others, from outside !! 

Write your own destiny!

It’s you, to define your own life. Not anybody else. Right? It’s your life and it’s you who has to shape it, the way you want it. 

Why is that we get hurt? Why is that we stop? Why is that we are not able to express? Why is that we put a pause to our own life? Is it because we value others opinion on us ? Or is it because we lack self confidence?

Each one of us are born with our own strengths and weaknesses. Isn’t it? Then, why is that we so obsessed with our weakness? How can we contribute to our own destiny or life, if we depend this much on others to know about ourselves..? 

As a matter of fact, others opinion on us in our life doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter. Of course, you have to respect elders, take their advice, listen to all criticisms , for they make you strong. All respect for the kind of experience our ancestors have had, definitely to take their words, advice and follow also if required!

But, in this day and age, there are certainly few people around you, whose victory, only depends on you giving up . Whose entertainment lies, only in your tears. Have you noticed? So, why give this much of a prominence to them? To ruin your life? Waste all time…over it? Not required.

Is life yours or theirs? It’s 100% yours. Right? Nobody else’s here. Whatever may be the situation in your life, ‘you are the dictator‘. You are the decision maker of your own destiny. Right? Then,why blame others?? When, we have given this much of a place in our heart , prominence in our heart …to their opinion., their judgments…not required.. right?

As it’s your life, you rock it!! The more they want you to loose, you win. The more they want you to cry, you laugh. The more they want to see your defeat, you shine. No importance to such people what so ever. Not worth . Let’s dictate our own destiny where in, we dont hurt others, focus on spreading happiness.., makes sense?

If they are yours, if they are your well wishers, then, they will definitely wish for your victory !!! They will want you to smile, they will want to see you shine … such are the people who deserve all your love and time !! Value and respect all those people around you, who are this genuine, who are yours.

It’s time…to live life! Without any grudge or disturbance. Let’s be passionate. There’s so much to achieve. Let’s invest our time and energy in that.

Start !! Build your own destiny !! It all begins with a clean mind !! Make it your’s today !! Start working on yourself , your own life, it’s a beautiful journey !!

Go – Kart 😀

Go Kart !! So much fun !! As you race and race , you want to win .. you want to reach first 😀. It’s a good thing ! Adventure is always super fun ! You, for a moment forget who you are, what your duties are, and just live at this moment, so as to live, is to win !! It’s amazing isn’t it . Any adventure sport for that matter, is the same .

You .. have no choice but to be, and live in the moment … to win 😀 yes, it’s the only thing !! so good it can get 🤗, right?

But, why is that we need this kind of a ‘push’ each time ? If not for any adventure or any new stuff, we are back to our own world of thoughts, any reasons?? For no good , I should say . As these are the thoughts which often curb enthusiasm in us. And, that is where, I should say, a child’s enthusiasm towards anything is unmatched!

So let’s be “thought free” anywhere we are, the glow on our face is anyways seen if we are living just for this minute !!

Or .. even after all this, if it still gets bugging, go, Karting 😍😀. Adventure in any form … is definitely fun, getting out from your routine .. is a basic need of the hour 😍.

 Be joyful , be adventurous , be thought free ” .