A portray of THE LUXE VERSION as per me is Luxury, Class, Sophistication, Elegance, Radiance, Simplicity …no words.

Do we have the right line that can define? I don’t think so. But spaces designed here will surely have a mark of uniqueness in them that people wouldn’t have seen before. Why is it unique? May be because of the sensuality that goes in the process. Like how we say every person is different in his or her own thoughts, or be it in looks or the things they like, design is also as personal as this. Every spec of a corner, the tiniest of the detail to the wall accent may be or the flooring is one’s own personal choice, isn’t it? But what might go missing generally, is certainly the clarity of thoughts that one needs to amalgamate to bring in the space together. Glam quotient varies. But certainly, it exists…in the variance that it is seen in the form of style, pattern, colors and textures.

Design is so interlinked with human traits and personality that we tend to like to see only ourselves in our surroundings. Only those are the things that we like. So, we as designers, thank God here to have given us this kind of a passion wherein we can not only relate to and trance one’s liking but at the same time curate spaces that speak a whole new world on their own.

In THE LUXE VERSION, we do not follow any kind of themes or patterns that’s been existing since ages. Every niche of the corner is curated as per client’s personality that brings in the depth and life to one’s space.

After all, spaces should speak you, spaces should give you wings to fly your potential and give you array of hope to see a King size life at your very own space.

In simpler words, a space that can mirror you …with the best version of yourself, is what we do!! 😀

The gap …


This article is written in true inspiration from many of us…struggling on a day today routine…to live our dreams!

“THE GAP” … I want to be this, I want to do that, I want to see myself there …. are some of the goals we set, for ourselves, right? We start aspiring ourselves at a young age, isn’t it? But, at the same time, I have heard lot of old people share about their own lives – saying, what if I had done this, I would have become that or what if I could carry my youngster days more focused…. 🙂 🙁 …would have led a better life…etc…

On the other hand, the irony is that, we get to meet our elders who have led a successful life as per them, lived all their dreams in reality and contented with the entire life journey they have had, with no regrets…!!!

So, the thought here is,

Be it in contentment or in anxiousness lies our inner peace which we should definitely notice…I feel. Whether or not we are successful or not, it’s we who get pinched at the end of the day, it’s we who feel proud of ourselves and it’s we who feel low, or it’s we again, who feel on top of the world! isn’t it?…..we go through so many emotions, as we would have, had or have been analyzing ourselves more than anybody else!….am I right?

It’s all life situations where we have landed here today and it’s “US” to decide where we are heading where, and when…. isn’t it?

So, when this much of a wisdom is there in our own hands…why is that we are not filling the gap ….? the gap to reach there. The gap to see ourselves there. The gap which will mark an end to all our inner doubts and thoughts.!

It’s just that, this gap comes with a price…a huge price, where we need to be more and more focused, more realistic in true sense, not to give up even if it’s the hardest thing…. which is all worth…. isn’t it? In other words, we need no explanations from others as it’s our own “inner voice” that will make us reach where ever we aspire to see ourselves!  It surely comes again with lots of sacrifices, tough routines, discipline to practice……but in the end …isn’t it, an ultimate pleasure to see ourselves reached out there?

It’s a true bliss, as per me! It’s an experience that cannot be written in words as your happiness can’t be measured when this ULTIMATE blessing is seen in reality.

So, don’t we play a major role in creating us? The question is ON!

Design !!


“DESIGN”, a very vast subject, isn’t it? What comes to your mind when you get to hear this word, ‘Design’?

Well, for me, it’s my favorite word off late :D, it’s like my fav hobby as I have turned my passion to profession!! With each passing day, it gets more and more interesting for me, as I get to create a whole new lot of stuff for my clients by drafting designs that look just like their dream, in other words, just like how they want it to be!

…and by the end of it, after all the effort put by the entire team, me being an Interior Designer not only get to see the visuals of my client’s dreams but also as an additional lottery, I get to see their happy and contented faces! 😀 😀

So, sitting down the park side of my apartment, I was just relating the same happy faces of clients, to the happy faces of ours, in our own lives…. In simple sense, the entire process of designing our own life…. is also so similar…. is what I realized!

In other words, the ultimate aim we all hold, is to be happy and to look back one day and see what all we have done till date to have reached that happiness, right? So, in true sense, it’s like…. a route map which is so clear in front of us, isn’t it? Yes!! every “design is like a route map” as the destination is in front of us is giving us options to choose our path, as per our dreams so as to reach out there! 🙂

Life like this, if at all we can map, can get so easy, isn’t it? 😀 🙂

There’s no theory or thumb rule to it. It’s just that we all, here in our design profession, follow, something, – that may be termed as “reverse strategy”, I guess. In my own words to explain you, it’s like a set – end scene that we visualize, and as per that, we design – to see the desired end picture!!

As simple as this!! How I wish we could also ‘visualize’ and ‘map’ our routine as per our dream…. Like how a designer reaches his/her client’s dream by the end of every single project….”LIFE” …. in the same way, is a vast project! Isn’t it?

So, don’t you think, you need to give yourself a minute’s time?  … to en-route your destination, to start your travel…as per that!!?? Am not joking … all it needs is a start with a clear vision – which I call a ‘map’ here.

Of course, it can’t happen as easy or tough as designing a house may be, but it takes lots more time and of course endless effort. In spite of all this, if you don’t miss out on your ‘map’ and design of the goal that YOU have set for yourself, then, for sure you will reach out there one day!!!



Self Discovery

“Self-Discovery”…. a precious journey to know yourself!


On a routine, aren’t we engrossed in thoughts? Could be to do with work, friends or family…could be anything …that keeps running in our mind at all times, isn’t it? We think, we speak, we think, we worry, we have time for all of these! But when it comes to speaking about ourselves, don’t we stammer? Do we have a quick answer? Do we actually know ourselves really well? to answer this question? You might be an amazing person around, achieved lots in life, but when it comes to yourself, do you know yourself enough? have you ever given time for yourself – to know yourself better?

We often come across this common question in any of the job interviews…asked to us… where in, you are asked to speak about yourself. Haven’t we practiced our answers?  Few of us have… few of us haven’t. Forget interview… it’s for us to know ourselves better, isn’t it?

How does it help? Self-observation always helps, as it is only then, you realize your strengths, your weaknesses, your happiness, your habits, your likes…dislikes… etc… Each one of us are so busy in day today life setting up goals for ourselves. Isn’t it? But, amidst all these set busy routine schedules, where do we stand today – emotionally? Is something that we don’t even give a thought. Financially, we are all good at :D, but, more than that, don’t you think, being a better human first…is the much-needed thing? Where do we stand there? It’s an open question, isn’t it?

I feel, this is one simple way again … to be more sorted, from within, and gaining this kind of a clarity is surely a much-needed thing as we all live in a fast moving city life! Take very few minutes in a day … to observe yourself… coz once it’s a routine to you… it will help you to be more strong, more peaceful, more appropriative towards circumstances. Overall… isn’t this a plus? over a period of time?

It is only then…all our goals can be eventually achieved as we know to handle our things better…whatever the hurdles we may come across, as we know ourselves better!

To be precise, know yourself better, before anybody judges you… NOT TO GET shattered with comments, judgements around you, “BE YOU”!! For you are “GOD’S VERY OWN MASTERPIECE”! Know yourself better!










Create your own sunshine.


“Create your own sunshine” written, in observance of nature….

Every morning, reminds us of the fact that it’s us, who’s one in nature, and it’s us who has to shine … and that too every single day. Our day’s purpose when we wake up has to be, to shine!! Whatever may be your day is going to be like, however hectic it is supposed to be, how much ever boring it would have been meant to be, still, it’s left to us, to be a “hero” or not, during the day! Isn’t it?

The morning sunshine, does remind us of our own routine, right? Come what may ..we have only seen the sun, rise in the morning and set in the evening…whatever the climate may be, whatever the season might be…the SUN is constantly shining 😀 , isn’t it? no matter what…even if the clouds have blocked… it’s again seen. Where would life exist at all…otherwise?… Right? It’s the “heroism” that we can see here. An unfaded superhero, born to shine again…and again…and again!! 

What’s our take back from this? It’s the ‘HEROISM’ that’s eternal. That’s constant, that’s permanent… that does not fade. Isn’t it? Have you observed?

Such is the ‘heroism’ from within that one can BE …so as to reflect the same on others. In other words, let’s be kind, let’s be helpful, let’s be compassionate, let’s be loving, let’s be adorable, let’s be beautiful …. so beautiful and complete from within, that, we automatically shine from outside. It’s not only about we shining here, but it’s also, to an extent, bringing in that ‘rainbow of shine’ in people around us! Trust me, from the situation you are in, to the ambiance you create, everything, can get so natural, isn’t it? As, this kind of an energy is coming, from within…!!And, that’s being in nature…for me! for each one of us indeed!! so lucky! Isn’t it?

For this to happen, there’s certainly a “mee” time that’s required each day without fail….to see this shine within us. A mee time, in observance of nature, which knows no worldly things around, which knows no roles to play around! It’s a much-needed thing, as we, all of us indeed are so very tuned in our lives to our roles, this much. Isn’t it?

So, let’s uproot ourselves… such is an ‘Ora’ that one can spread…where there’s only light and positivity everywhere! This shine in us is as true as us. So, let’s not fade it, let’s focus on nurturing it, for, it’s naturally OURS.

“After all, the reflection is anyways seen… by us, from within … by others, from outside !!!…….”

Write your own destiny!


It’s you, to define your own life. Not anybody else can or will, right? It’s your life and it’s you who has to shape it, the way you want it. 

Then, why is that we get hurt? Why is that we stop? Why is that we are not able to express? Why is that we are stepping back each time?? Is it because we value others opinion on us? Or is it because we lack self-confidence?

Each one of us are born with our own strengths and weaknesses. Isn’t it? Are we focusing on our strength or weakness, is the question. :D, do we know ourselves or are we taking others judgements seriously? If yes, how can we contribute to our own destiny or life, if we depend this much on others to know about ourselves…? 

As a matter of fact, others opinion on us in our life doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter. Of course, we have to respect elders, take their advice, listen to all criticisms, for they make us strong. All respect! for the kind of experience our ancestors have had, definitely to take their words, advice and follow also if required!

But, in this day and age, there are certainly few people around you, whose victory, only depends on you giving up. Whose entertainment lies, only in your tears. Have you noticed?

Whatever may be the situation in your life, you are the decision maker of your own destiny, your own happy life, right? Then, why blame others?? Do we actually have to give prominence to them, this much? Is my question.! 😀

My point is, as it’s your life, you rock it!! The more they want you to lose, you win. The more they want you to cry, you laugh. The more they want to see your defeat, you shine. The more they want you to achieve, achieve more n more…:D, isn’t it? Let’s dictate our own destiny where in, we don’t hurt others, focus on spreading happiness…, makes sense?

If they are yours, if they are your well-wishers, then, they will definitely wish for your victory!!! They will want you to smile, they will want to see you shine … such are the people who deserve all your love and time!! Value and respect all those people around you, who are this genuine, who are yours.

It’s time…to live life! Without any grudge or disturbance. Let’s be passionate. There’s so much to achieve. Let’s invest our time and energy in that.

Start!! Build your own destiny!! It all begins with a clean mind!! Make it yours today!! Start working on yourself, your own life, it’s a beautiful journey!!

Go – Kart 😀


Go Kart!! So much fun!! As you race and race, you want to win … you want to reach first 😀. It’s a good thing! Adventure is always super fun! You, for a moment forget who you are, what your duties are, and just live at the moment, so as to live, is to win!! It’s amazing isn’t it. Any adventure sport for that matter, is the same.

You … have no choice but to be, and live in the moment … to win! 😀 yes, it’s the only thing !! so good it can get there🤗, right?

But, why is that we need this kind of a ‘push’ each time? If not for any adventure or any new stuff, we are back to our own world of thoughts, isn’t it? any reasons?? For no good, I should say …. as these are the thoughts which often curb enthusiasm in us. And, that is where, I should say, a child’s enthusiasm towards anything is unmatched!

So, let’s be “thought free” anywhere we are, the glow on our face is anyways seen if we are living just for this minute!!

Or … even after all this, if it still gets bugging, go, Karting 😍😀. Adventure in any form … is definitely fun, getting out from your routine … is a basic need of the hour 😍.

Be joyful, be adventurous, be thought free”. 



How much entangled we all our, with every person around us, we have a kind of an emotion that we share, be it, knowingly or unknowingly. Emotion could be in any form …could be in the form of happiness, love, anger, greed, jealousy, pride, anxiety, weakness, anything for that matter.

A simple shop keeper in a grocery store, can either make you happy by giving that extra discount :D, or send you back with a happy mood even otherwise :). Our house maid doesn’t turn up … we are in worst possible mood, isn’t it :D?

So, in other words, our mood depends on these many people, could be all people around us, with whom we are entangled all through our day.

One mantra for happiness can be, do not let any of these people enter your mind or heart. Do not get entangled in any situation or with any person. As it can only bring in an emotion, that’s temporary. Every action in the body is a result of the chemical reaction that goes through inside, right? So, every emotion that you have felt or feel will have a chemical reaction and our reaction to it is always an outcome!

Not required, right?

Rather, let’s get entangled within ourselves, in nature! In other words, time to surround ourselves in love, empathy, kindness, care, courtesy, wisdom n happiness !! isn’t it? So that, we not only are, but can also bring in that calmness in others, that can actually change the whole situation topsy turvy!! Try it out!! Not only are you calm and composed, and happy like this, but you are actually influencing another person around you also, to be the same!

As the saying goes, ‘always mind your mind’. How true… right?

What’s new?


Wow! The very phrase, “what’s new” makes me imagine, my new wardrobe :D. For we girls, how much ever old we grow, it doesn’t matter. Shopping new stuff especially clothes, gives us utmost happiness, isn’t it :D?

There’s all good about a new thing. Whatever it could be. It could be your new car, your new bike, your new attire, your new bag, your new style for that matter, your new job, your new pen, your new anything …. there is a kind of excitement in it for sure. Isn’t it? There’s some kind of new love towards this new thing that you have not tried before or you have just tried. That fondness is what I mean here.

So, this kind of an obvious fondness, do we often find when we wake up in the morning? Yes, it’s a new horizon, it’s a new morning, right? We have not experienced or tried it before :)) yeah… it is…. it’s ‘new’, isn’t it?  But, still why is that we find it old, same old? Human nature, I guess.

This morning, I woke up to the same attitude, but now while typing this, am so over whelmed. Seriously. It’s a new day today. And… am asking myself, why am I holding on this much of old stuff? Ask yourself… when this morning is new, why is that you are not new? When we know there’s happiness in starting new, why not? Why is that we hold on to our horses this much? haa? It’s the reason we are not able to see or feel this morning freshness that has just begun now!

“It’s a new day. it’s a new you” So live !! in that fondness as it will definitely be a new experience today! Everything new is promised to you today for sure 😀

So, hey, it’s a ‘new you’ each day, do explore yourself! have fun!! 



What is stagnation?… the very word reminds me of these dirty waters in the rivers, being stagnated. I can smell that stagnated water at this moment, the one that we probably come across in the lakes around us, while we are travelling… This very smell is because of the stagnation of water that happens for days and years. Stagnation of our thoughts is a very similar thing …unfortunately.

I am the best, I know everything, I am right, what I say is right, what I feel is right …are certain human characteristics which are very common. What do we understand from all these? Are we open enough to welcome, flow of thoughts inside our system from others, or are we stuck with are egos? saying, am always right? Seriously holding on to ego is like getting stagnated in life. Isn’t it? That stink of ego is felt or seen by others anyways. Be it in the form you speak or in the form you behave. So, who is the person stagnated, in this kind of a stink from within? Is it you, or the other person around you?? It could be any person who is holding on to his/her own horses saying, he’s only “God” each time.

Any person whom u come across …around u …worth forwarding this article 😀 as it will or may bring in some sense …to get him/her to breathe in some fresh air at that moment :D. Or if it’s u….u can decide 😦 🙂

Never too late ….

Let’s start now. Let’s flow in the air of openness, for, we have learnt that openness from nature. Openness to bloom, openness to shine, openness to see, openness to accept people, openness to hear criticism, openness to live and let live!! One can only bloom with an open mind and heart. Let’s not close our windows of mind within ourselves that we dont even listen when others are speaking sense. Let’s all be in that mercy of God who only has the right to decide who’s right, who’s wrong.

Let’s not try and take HIS role that we get stagnated here.

Aim is to be childlike, to be open, to be fresh to smell good like a flower from within.

It’s our life, one life to live, let’s “bloom” and not get stagnated!