What’s new?



Wow! The very phrase , “what’s new” makes me imagine , my new wardrobe 😀 . For we girls , how much ever old we grow, it doesn’t matter . Shopping new stuff especially clothes , gives us utmost happiness, isn’t it 😀 ?

There’s all good about a new thing . Whatever it could be . It could be your new car, your new bike, your new attire, your new bag, your new style for that matter, your new job , your new pen , your new anything …. there is a kind of excitement in it for sure. Isn’t it? There’s some kind of new love towards this new thing that you have not tried before or you have just tried. That fondness is what I mean here .

So, this kind of an obvious fondness, do we often find when we wake up in the morning? Yes, its a new horizon, its a new morning, right? We have not experienced or tried it before :)) yeah… it is…. it’s ‘new’ , isn’t it ?  But, still why is that we find it old, same old ? Human nature I guess .

This morning , I woke up to the same attitude, but now while typing this , am so over whelmed. Seriously . Its a new day today . And… am asking  myself, why am I holding on this much of old stuff? Ask yourself… when this morning is new, why is that you are not new? When we know there’s happiness in starting new, why not ? Why is that we hold on to our horses this much? haa? It’s the reason we are not able to see or feel this morning freshness that has just begun now !

“Its a new day.. its a new you” So live !! in that fondness as it will definitely be a new experience today ! Everything new is promised to you today for sure 😀

So , hey , its a ‘new you’ each day , do explore yourself ! have fun !! 



2 thoughts on “What’s new?

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