The gap …

eba785a2-b789-4609-a6f6-cb1b217e16f1This article is written in true inspiration from many of us…struggling on a day today routine…to live our dreams!

“THE GAP” … I want to achieve this, I want to do that, I want to reach out there, I want to see myself here …. are some of the goals we set, for ourselves, right? We start aspiring ourselves at a young age, isn’t it? But, at the same time, I have heard lot of old people share about their own lives – saying, what if I had done this I would have become that or what if I could carry my youngster days more focused…. 🙂 😦 ..would have led a better life…etc..

On the other hand, the irony is that, we get to meet our elders who have led a successful life as per them, lived all their dreams in reality and contented with the entire life journey they have had, with no regrets…!!!

So the thought here is,

Be it in contentment or in anxiousness lies our inner peace which we should definitely notice…I feel. Whether or not we are successful or not, it’s we who get pinched at the end of the day, it’s we who feel proud of ourselves and it’s we who feel low, or it’s we again, who feel on top of the world! isn’t it?…..we go through soo many emotions, as we would have, had or have been analyzing ourselves more than anybody else!….am I right?

It’s all life situations where we have landed here today and it’s “US” to decide where we are heading where, and when….isn’t it?

So, when this much of a wisdom is there in our own hands,…why is that we are not filling the gap ….? the gap to reach there..the gap to see ourselves there..the gap which will mark an end to all our inner doubts and thoughts.!

It’s just that, this gap comes with a price…a huge price, where we need to be more and more focused, more realistic in true sense, not to give up even if it’s the hardest thing,…. which is allll worth….isn’t it? In other words, we need no explanations from others as it’s our own “inner voice” that will make us reach where ever we aspire to see ourselves!  It surely comes again with lots of sacrifices, tough routines, discipline to practice,……but in the enddddd ,…isn’t it, an ultimate pleasure to see ourselves reached out there?

It’s a true bliss, as per me! It’s an experience that cannot be written in words as your happiness can’t be measured when this ULTIMATE blessing is seen in reality.

So, don’t we play a major role in creating us? The question is ON!

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