Write your own destiny!

img_9200It’s you, to define your own life. Not anybody else can or will, right? It’s your life and it’s you who has to shape it, the way you want it. 

Then, why is that we get hurt? Why is that we stop? Why is that we are not able to express? Why is that we are stepping back each time?? Is it because we value others opinion on us ? Or is it because we lack self confidence?

Each one of us are born with our own strengths and weaknesses. Isn’t it? Are we focusing on our strength or weakness, is the question.. 😀 , do we know ourselves or are we taking others judgements seriously? If yes, how can we contribute to our own destiny or life, if we depend this much on others to know about ourselves..? 

As a matter of fact, others opinion on us in our life doesn’t matter or shouldn’t matter. Of course, we have to respect elders, take their advice, listen to all criticisms , for they make us strong. All respect! for the kind of experience our ancestors have had, definitely to take their words, advice and follow also if required!

But, in this day and age, there are certainly few people around you, whose victory, only depends on you giving up. Whose entertainment lies, only in your tears. Have you noticed?

Whatever may be the situation in your life,  you are the decision maker of your own destiny, your own happy life, right? Then, why blame others?? Do we actually have to give prominence to them, this much? Is my question.! 😀

My point is, as it’s your life, you rock it!! The more they want you to loose, you win. The more they want you to cry, you laugh. The more they want to see your defeat, you shine. The more they want you to achieve, achieve more n more…:D, isn’t it? . Let’s dictate our own destiny where in, we dont hurt others, focus on spreading happiness.., makes sense?

If they are yours, if they are your well wishers, then, they will definitely wish for your victory !!! They will want you to smile, they will want to see you shine … such are the people who deserve all your love and time !! Value and respect all those people around you, who are this genuine, who are yours.

It’s time…to live life! Without any grudge or disturbance. Let’s be passionate. There’s so much to achieve. Let’s invest our time and energy in that.

Start !! Build your own destiny !! It all begins with a clean mind !! Make it your’s today !! Start working on yourself , your own life, it’s a beautiful journey !!

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