img_7468How much entangled we all our, with every person around us, we have a kind of an emotion that we share, be it, knowingly or unknowingly. Emotion could be in any form …could be in the form of happiness, love, anger, greed, jealousy, pride, anxiety, weakness, anything for that matter.

A simple shop keeper in a grocery store, can either make you happy by giving that extra discount 😀 , or send you back with a happy mood even otherwise 🙂 . Our house maid doesn’t turn up … we are in worst possible mood, isn’t it 😀

So, in other words, our mood depends on these many people, could be all people around us, with whom we are entangled all through our day.

One mantra for happiness can be, do not let any of these people enter your mind or heart. Do not get entangled in any situation or with any person. As it can only bring in an emotion, that’s temporary. Every action in the body is a result of the chemical reaction that goes through inside, right? So every emotion that you have felt or feel will have a chemical reaction and our reaction to it is always an outcome!

Not required, right ?

Rather, let’s get entangled within ourselves, in nature! In other words, time to surround ourselves in love, empathy, kindness, care, courtesy, wisdom n happiness !! isn’t it? So that, we not only are, but can also bring in that calmness in others, that can actually change the whole situation topsy turvy !! Try it out !! Not only are you calm and composed, and happy like this, but you are actually influencing an other person around you also, to be the same !

As the saying goes, ‘always mind your mind’. How true… right?

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