Self Discovery

img_6689“Self Discovery” ….a precious journey to know yourself !

We speak this much…judge this much..but… but… but… :D, when it comes to speaking about ourselves, don’t we stammer? Do we have a quick answer? Do we actually know ourselves properly?:) You might be an amazing person around, achieved these many things in life.. but when it comes to yourself, have you ever given time for yourself – to know yourself better?

We often come across this common question in any of the job interviews…asked to us… where in, you are asked to speak about yourself. Haven’t we practiced our answers? 😀 Few of us have… few of us haven’t. Forget interview… it’s for us to know ourselves better, right?

How does it help? Self observation always helps, as it is only then, you realize your strengths, weaknessess, your happiness, your habits, your likes…dislikes… etc.. Each one of us are so busy in day today life setting up goals for ourselves. But, amidst this set busy routine schedules, where do we stand today emotionally,  is something that we don’t even give a thought, so as to improve ourselves to reach out there where we wish to be. Financially, we are all good at :D, but, more than that, don’t you think, being a better human first…is something more prominent? Where do we stand there? It’s an open question, isn’t it?

I feel, this is one simple way again … to be more sorted, from within, and gaining this kind of a clarity is the much needed thing as we all live in a fast moving city life! Take very few minutes in a day … to observe yourself… coz once it’s a routine to you.. it will help you to be more strong, more peaceful, more appropriative towards situations,…..overall, isn’t it a plus?…over a period of time? 😀

It is only then…all our goals can be eventually achieved as we know to handle our things better…whatever the hurdles we may come across,.. as we know ourselves better!

To be more precise, know yourself better, before anybody judges you… NOT TO GET shattered with comments, judgements around you, “BE YOU” !! For you are “GOD’S VERY OWN MASTERPIECE” ! Know yourself better!



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