Create your own sunshine.

img_7471.png“Create your own sunshine” written, in observance of nature….

Every morning, reminds us of the fact that it’s us, who’s one in nature, and it’s us who has to shine … and that too every single day. Our day’s purpose when we wake up has to be, to shine!! Whatever may be your day is going to be like, however hectic it is supposed to be, how much ever boring it would have been meant to be, still,,,, it’s left to us, to be a “hero” or not, during the day! Right?

The morning sunshine, does remind us of our own routine, right? Come what may ..we have only seen the sun, rise in the morning and set in the evening…whatever the climate may be, whatever the season might be…the SUN is constantly shining 😀 , isn’t it? no matter what…even if the clouds have blocked… it’s again seen. Where would life exist at all…otherwise?… Right? It’s the “heroism” that we can see here. An unfaded superhero, born to shine!! 

What’s our take back from this? It’s the ‘HEROISM’ that’s eternal. That’s constant, that’s permanent… that does not fade. Isn’t it? Have you observed?

Such is the ‘heroism’ from within that one can follow …so as to reflect the same on others. In other words, let’s be kind, let’s be helpful, let’s be compassionate, let’s be loving, let’s be adorable, let’s be beautiful ….soo beautiful and complete from within, that, we automatically shine from outside. It’s not only about we shining here, but its also, to an extent, bringing about that ‘rainbow of shine’ in people around us!!. Trust me, from the situation you are in , to the ambiance you create, everything, can get so natural , isn’t it? As, this kind of an energy is coming, from within…!!And, that’s being in nature…for me!

For this to happen, there’s certainly a “mee” time that’s required each day without fail to gain this kind of a compassion. A mee time, which knows no worldly things around, which knows no roles to play around ! It’s a much needed thing, as we , all of us indeed are so very tuned in our lives to our roles, this much. Isn’t it.

So, let’s uproot ourselves… such is an ‘Ora’ that one can spread…where there’s only light and positivity everywhere !. This shine in us is as true as us. So, let’s not fade it , let’s focus on nurturing it, for, it’s ours.


“After all, the reflection is anyways seen… by us, from within … by others, from outside !!!…….”

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