Starrrt !!

img_8711Wanna start?? all over again? Is it the toughest thing ? or a little simpler now?….with all the experiences we have had in our life by now! :D. If we have landed in this kind of a situation, then certainly something has gone wrong, or it could be, we have done something wrong , is what we generally feel. Isn’t it? Wholly, as per me, is analyzing required? It could have just happend because , it should have happend ” come what may” . But why is that, we waste further, so much time in only trying to analyze, blame, be it ourselves or others, or the situations that have occurred….??haa? Seriously, each minute that we have got this much, that too for free , is of no use….if we give up, or get frustrated, or blame..right?. Its hard…, totally agree..but why give this much of an importance to something that u have not liked?? why fill your heart with this? Please don’t give any space in your heart for such stuff.

Seriously, one major mistake in life we always do, or some don’t even do or few often do,  is to give too much of a prominence to bad scenes or topics that don’t deserve this much of a time or space of your heart . This realization is only a big thing. Trust me, to actually begin from there, requires lot of courage, self confidence, trust in yourself , but most importantly faith in your being , truth to out-beat all, if these qualities can accompany you at this crucial hour, then it is definitely, “a start ” which knows no defeat .

With this kind of a mindset, everything can happen through you, effortlessly. For that to happen, your mind for sure has to be free of all past . My kids teach me this!! Day in, day out, their achievements, their failures are no impact on them actually . Blessed are all of us, as, as kids that we outgrow these many milestones. What can be better lessons than those?

Now, as we are adults, its lots more easier that way, to overcome, whatever the situation may be. As we are more matured, we have seen life, we are people to decide are own destiny! So let’s move one step forward from where we are stuck . Let’s leave it now, anything – that bothers us or disturbs us. Let the thoughts flow..its natural…but , ” lets not give any room to it in our heart” for, …its the need of the hour.

After all this, ” it’s a new start now…its a fresh beginning”, yay !! you are already there…to begin your own beautiful destiny …ahead …that’s just waiting for you!!

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