Go – Kart πŸ˜€


Go Kart !! So much fun !! As you race and race , you want to win .. you want to reach first πŸ˜€. It’s a good thing ! Adventure is always super fun ! You, for a moment forget who you are, what your duties are, and just live at this moment, so as to live, is to win !! It’s amazing isn’t it. Any adventure sport for that matter, is the same .

You .. have no choice but to be, and live in the moment … to win!Β πŸ˜€ yes, it’s the only thing !! so good it can get thereπŸ€—, right?

But, why is that we need this kind of a ‘push’ each time ? If not for any adventure or any new stuff, we are back to our own world of thoughts, isn’t it? any reasons?? For no good , I should sayΒ  …. as these are the thoughts which often curb enthusiasm in us. And, that is where, I should say, a child’s enthusiasm towards anything is unmatched!

So let’s be β€œthought free” anywhere we are, the glow on our face is anyways seen if we are living just for this minute !!

Or .. even after all this, if it still gets bugging, go, Karting πŸ˜πŸ˜€. Adventure in any form … is definitely fun, getting out from your routine .. is a basic need of the hour 😍.

β€œΒ Be joyful , be adventurous ,Β be thought free ” .Β 

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