Who’s the boss?

We often play this game.. “who’s the boss?” keep playing in real life…even without realizing :D. There’s some kind of a satisfaction I must say, that we get when the other person listens to us 😀 ! Iimg_7469.pngt could be just a conversation, could be an instruction, could be just a normal chai talk…but there is certainly some kind of a contentment we achieve when the other person has a listening ear, or has understood and finds some sense in what we say or may be, he or she is even ready to follow an instruction from us. The feel is so good when your loved ones understand you, and respond accordingly with utmost respect, you definitely feel on top “like a boss” 😀 .

But what happens to the other person when he or she is actually trying to say something? Do we also listen? Do we have that listening ear? We need to certainly check on ourselves. Matters a lot as it is in these conversations you actually play a very important role of listening to whomever to let them know, that you care and you are also there for them. So very reciprocated it is ….in any relationship for that matter…be it in a husband and wife relationship,…be it a maid and a homemaker relationship, be it a relationship with your own sibling, with colleges at your office..any where with anybody. As a matter of fact, if we realize, we are surrounded by so many people and we hold some kind of a relationship with each one of them, isn’t it?

Such a super quick routine we all live in…where’s the time really to check on ourselves at any given point of hour during the day? If at all we had time…to sit back …at-least by the end of the day …before going to bed…just to recall… if we have hurt anybody during that day, then, it’s a sure take on, isn’t it? We definitely wouldn’t like to hurt others, but if we have, knowing or unknowingly… then, left to us whether to act bossy or to act humane, right?

We all come empty handed…we go also empty handed… so doesn’t matter really “who’s the boss” here, but, certainly, spreading happiness …helping others and being there for those all those people around us, as a listening ear,“is a definite take on”. 




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