stand up !!!

Yes , its your own legs, its your own feet !!!

Y as adults , most of us i guess…except for few exceptions, HESITATE stand up and high? Stand high here , I mean mentally !  Is it to do with ones intention? or a simple lack of confidence? or laziness? or anything else that am not able to guess at this moment…don’t know …

I wonder, we born as human beings..having this much of a time,  all for ourselves…given by God, just for us…still are not satisfied with our own nature to make use of it. We also blame ourselves too much i guess to have failed once and conclude we are only that , and our capacity is that. But why? Any reasons? I guess one reason could be ..we all tag  ourselves each time , as a matter of pride that we are “adults” actually prove nothing good…be it to ourselves or for others. The word “adult” comes with so many emotions .. the first to start off with is ego, then comes pride that am the best , then comes comparison …bla .. bla.. no end to it . So .. best thing I have noticed off late is to keep it simple .. to be child like .. which has more life , to add on to our life!


Keep it high…believe in yourself…not to go by past failures…please don’t judge yourself  or others as we are not born as a Judge here …for which a very high qualification and experience is required! jokes apart..

Again if u see infants…if at all they had to judge themselves then they wouldn’t have crawled.. why they , WE wouldn’t have crawled, walked, talked, been what we are today ..our basic stuff would have definitely gone missing. Makes sense, right?

So , let’s “stand up” to that right attitude, which comes from our birth…that’s already there within us! Lets not get so engrossed to have lost it today. Time to rebuild i guess !!

Fact is , the best version of ourselves is right here within us…but we have been searching elsewhere!

Again…thanks to my little ones!

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