This phrase,“my two eyes” I often use, to tell my two little boys, what they mean to me!!

Pae1978a3b-22ec-47eb-b7b6-de927e5d378erenting!!! not an easy task at all…it does take plenty of patience, your own self, your time, your routine, your everything! For what? I often ask this question to myself. The reason being, we all raise kids, we enjoy, we complain, we get stressed, we feel we have no time for anything else… are the kind of emotions we often go through.. but.. but we feel satisfied by the end of the night for the work done, for feeding our child, for utmost attention given, for making our baby smile. For seeing our baby face by the end of the night is all so worth – soo calm, soo pleasant, soo innocent to see him/ her sleeping by the end of the day .

The very next day doesn’t promise anything new … its the same work, the same duty, the same everything .

This day on a bright sunny morning , I woke up to a nice coffee, husband at home to help me pack for our US trip. I decided to take my time off for a while to hit the gym as i had almost gone mad packing for four of us all by myself for forty five days ..may be 13 bags all put together. working out in the gym , me on a tread mill, but my thoughts kept on flowing. It was then I realized the true meaning of “Up Bringing

Something that I would like to definitely share with u all…

All these days, I thought, upbringing means …the values we imbibe in a child through out his / her growing years. But, today, for the first time I felt ,

“I was the child here” ! It was actually my upbringing that was happening here !!!!!

My kids were teaching me everyday, every minute, how easily I could smile, how easily I could cry. Yes, really, my sons had by then brought in a whole new person in me , a person , whom I have never met before !

It was always an effort for me before to take care of 2 small kids, but without me knowing this had become so much fun and came so naturally to me,  with no effort. It was not even tiresome anymore. I was just another child to play, to cry, to explore, to see my new world each day with the same curiosity !!!!

Felt happy, happier each day with this beautiful feel as it was me here who was growing deeper and cleaner each day. There is soo much of learning every single moment where in my upbringing was happening on its own!!

So , who’s the parent here? Am I the parent, or my sons? who are just 7 and 5 year old?? I wonder the same…..since then….till date.

I was never like this, to what I am today. I never knew I love to write!!! I have never read novels in my entire life. I feel now , its my sons who has made me realize my passion , my openness towards every single thing , the happiness I feel without even judging anything that is good or bad. Do u believe? Recently I started Bharatanatyam , at the age of 36 !!! I always knew it was my all time favorite but did not know I could also pursue.!!

Slowly …with all these true discoveries within myself …I had started to love my routine.. thoroughly.. and now I never felt it “same old ” anymore!!!

8 thoughts on “MY TWO EYES

  1. A touching writeup sapna….very beautifully expressed…not everyone opens up to this angle of life …u at a very young age have opened up…
    Hats off little mother


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